Saturday, March 22, 2014

Just today...

Yesterday was a porcupine day, as you can probably tell without reading between any lines. I felt like I was trying my hardest to make my way...smooth and ambling...and then I would get poked. UP would go the quills and I'd grit my teeth, close my eyes and concentrate...willing them back down. Sometimes successful. All the time stressful.

Sharing how I was feeling, I was wisely instructed to pay attention to porcupine medicine.

I found this:

"Prickly, stickly, do not push
Into my life without consent.
Unasked advice has no price.
Control is not good intent."


Innocence, Wonder

The Porcupine has very powerful medicine:
that of faith and trust.
You can move mountains with these powers.

A Porcupine totem reminds you not
to get caught in the chaos of the world,
where fear, greed and suffering are commonplace.

Its medicine is relief from the seriousness of life.
Open your heart to those things that gave you joy as a child;
remember fantasy and imagination
and bring into your life again.

I followed that advice today. There has been too much helplessness and hopelessness lately surrounding things I simply can't walk away from...not just yet, at least.

Today I joined a group of new faces for a hike in a place I've never been. I rescued a bat! It was amazing! I took my time on a project, being technical and precise and finding joy in the outcome. I laid on a blanket under the sun and thought about nothing of any importance. I did a kind thing for someone on a whim. Then I went swimming. Just me. For hours on end...just doing my own thing. Somersaults. Handstands, floating, diving...pushing the limits of my lungs...and I even made funny hairdos. I got a little sunburned. It was worth it. Totally!

Tomorrow I get to do do whatever I want AGAIN! I booked a massage! Then the day is wide open to me.

I feel very much less quills-up and I am going to do my very best to carry this feeling with me.

Moreover, I'm going to have faith and trust in ME...and if it's time to walk away, no mountains of shoulds will get in my way.

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  1. everything that i want to express is all inside my heart and im afraid that if one thing seeps out to let you know how magnificent you are, the whole thing will burst into splatters of gawd i love yous.....