Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Day Fifteen of Beauty...fixing, foofing and fabricating!

♥sitting, feeling small and significant all at once...surrounded by truth and consequence and formality and justice.

♥grrrreat hair day...proof of it at Home Depot...which may be the new litmus test from now on.

♥making a backyard washer game from scratch...how having all the right tools for the job made me smile from ear to ear...and how the finished product is AMAZING.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Days 12, 13 & 14...playing Beauty~full catch-up.

♥The drive...cruise music taking me there and getting me in that vacation kinda mindset...

♥The coma bed...sleeping until after 12pm.

♥The set-up, Camp Convenience.

♥The sudden torrential rain..."what's that sound?" "Oh, SHIT!"

♥The rolling with it...another night in the coma bed...oh, drats.

♥The adjusting...puddle removal and drying out.

♥The curious animals...they make that saying about cats for a reason!

♥The calm, quiet camaradarie. Lovely.

♥The drive...quiet, contemplative and ready to see my babies.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Day Eleven...Beauty~full hiatus all up in here.

♥Friday, payday...great work day full of smiles and happiness and giddy work love.

♥hitting a landmark. A little itty bity landmark that has seemed so so so far off in the distance and so unattainable. It's here...right here and I can't stop smiling!

♥giving myself permission to temporarily walk away from my committment for 30 days of 3 beauty~full things so that I can escape...much needed escape!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day Ten of Beauty...Almost Friday!

♥a random email from a kindred...with a hug and a heaping dose of complete understanding.

♥free time. hmmm...it's been quite a while!

♥chopped strawberries, diced jalepeno, cilantro, salt, pepper and lime juice over tilapia. mmm...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day Nine of Beauty...Beauty in the works

♥working with White Oprah.

♥two miraculous surprise "yes" answers for patients who really needed and deserved them. I'm still kinda going "really?" in my head but my heart is going "Woo Hoo!!!"

♥camradarie...we're a work family. Not always smooth, not always nice, not always perfect but in it together and forgiving and fun.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day Eight of Beauty...It is what it is, but it becomes what you make it

♥speaking a simple truth and expecting a possibly deserved criticism and instead being served a heaping platter of curiosity, exploration and acceptance.

♥learning a truth about someone who "should" behave like a better friend but then realizing how hypocritical that actually is as I have been way less than a stellar friend myself...then how humbling and peaceful it felt to simply accept the limitations and impossibility of the "friendship." Then realizing that it isn't even ugly...it just is what it is and that is perfectly okay.

♥watching my babygirl get an award that gave me goosebumps from head to toe. She's an amazing athlete and should get awards every day of her life for that...but this one, this award tonight was about her heart, soul and integrity. I couldn't possibly be more proud of this little lady.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Day Seven...Beauty~full Bird Day

♥A silvery snake slithering soooo quickly as it was chased by three red-winged black birds.

♥Mutt and Jeff flying high...a big bird with a little one doing ring-around-the-rosy with it mid flight.

♥An owl perfectly framed in my windshield mere feet away as I drove home tonight.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day Six of Beauty...Morning, Noon and Night.

♥Coffee with momma after her lengthy vacation...inviting Justin Timberlake to join us.

♥A random smile linking us...two strangers sharing a split second.

♥A lightning show on the drive home from one of the loveliest evenings I've had in a loooong time. Girl talk, movie, tea & togetherness.

Day Five of Beauty...Senses and Sense.

♥Herbal tea...how healing it feels in my belly.

♥Silk dress...how sensual it feels on my skin.

♥Sisterhood...how it gives roots and wings simultaneously.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Day Four of Beauty...bounty~full beauty!

♥Early morning challenges...waking up late, no hot water, bank account frozen by the IRS...but still having an amazing day full of smiles and moments and connections and sunshine and accomplishment.

♥$20.84 in recycling. SCORE!

♥Tucked away in conversation with a lovely and both of us realizing that we have come to the same conclusion simultaneously. Love it...and love how if you patiently wait out the storms in life without being uprooted, after the winds die down, it is the tenacious true lovelies that remain...whooping it up about the adventure. It's not about being perfect or proper...it's about being present and real.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day Three of Beauty...so So SO much beauty!

♥A breakfast meeting of delicious bakery food, great information and a contagious enthusiasm emanating from a lovely soul...reminding me that enthusiasm is how it's done...and done right.

♥Collective female energy...laughter and silliness and teasing and a clandestine meeting in the tub room for venting and more laughter and even a few tears. Sisterhood and heart strings.

♥Finding THE PERFECT gift...ordering it and now the waiting begins...but then it will arrive and the waiting to give it will begin...anticipation...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day Two of Beauty...Past, Present, Future...

♥Count Chocula cereal...omg, it's childhood in a bowl.

♥Covert "drug deals" and text message madness.

♥looking over a calendar and realizing how many amazing events, opportunities, landmarks, trips, celebrations and time with lovelies are coming up so quickly, so abundantly and in such rapid mind~blowing succession. So much life to be lived and appreciated and wrapped up in.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rescue, Realize & Rockin

♥car trouble resulting in helpful strangers, quiet time alone, seeing the world's best mechanic again, being rescued by my kids...one at a time...and making things nice for my momma.

♥making a big decision, on the heels of a recent big decision...both of which define who I am and more importantly where I'm heading. The compass is pointing my way now and I'd like to welcome my pride and integrity back. I missed you guys.

♥songs that rock my friggin socks...from Avril Lavigne to Adele and especially songs recently heard on deck. SafetySuit where have you been all my life?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

No Doubt.

♥going to bed as the sun was coming up and sleeping til noon...don't even recall the last time in my life I did that!

♥nothing but time...all of it being my own to spend or squander as I saw fit. Momentarily missing something that coulda woulda shoulda happened but didn't cause it really honestly shouldnta. So when the momentarily missing passed, the clouds parted and the sun shone and the angels sang...or something very very similar. I spent and I squandered and this weekend was amazing.

♥stormy weather...hail and clouds and rainbows and thunder and lightning and rain, rain, rain. I adore a good storm and this one was a GREAT one. Snuggled down and enjoyed it with Friends.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Whoa~What The Hell

♥A good work day that ended early...jump starting the weekend state of mind.

♥The nice kind of quiet...where you know everyone who's not there is exactly where they need to be at that moment.

♥My babygirl is almost 18. She is morphing into her own boss and is confident relying on her own conscience. This requires me to morph into not being as necessary as before. Today I heard a song by a totally uncool female singer but the lyrics made me think of my babygirl and smile. I played it for her and I couldn't gauge her reaction or opinion. That was hours ago. As I sit here now, she's in the middle of her pre-Friday night beautification process and I'm hearing that totally uncool female singer belting out those familiar lyrics...and my babygirl singing along. Sometimes I do some things right...sometimes the connection just happens, just works, just IS. Such a small thing but I'm smiling ear to ear.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

This is my life...and it's a good one.

♥Waking up on time, taking my time and planning an entire outfit around my new necklace. Simple and smile provoking.

♥My boy, all legal to drive independently now. My baby boy. Very excited and...no lie...a little nervous.

♥A quiet house, napping and watering the garden and pb&j for dinner...interrupted occasionally by bursts of teenaged energy, stories and laughter.

I've been quiet in this space for a while. There have been court dates and travel, concerts and kisses, meeting new friends and cutting loose of toxic ones, tears and fears and laughter and forgiveness and accusations and understanding, days spent in bed without regret or apology and days upon days of putting one foot in front of the other without intention of anything other than getting one foot further along the path. It's been too much. Too much to write about...sometimes too much to bear. Certainly too much to try to put into words...but the loveliest bit is that apart from and underneath it all, the beauty remains and is once again resurfacing, three little things at a time. It's dependable like that, beauty. ~sigh~