Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Never a dull moment when you're around...

Dear Change,

Hey buddy. It's amazing how you keep such a low profile for so long...only subtly entering into the conversation or situation. How you make magical, amazing things happen and there are smiles, laughter and celebrations but little to no credit. But. Then the opposite occurs with all of the mysterious, scary things and you are solely to blame. Cliches are tossed about. Change is hard. Change is scary. Everybody hates Change. At this time, you're met with dread and resistance...sometimes the kind that involves kicking and screaming.

Well, when you started knocking on my door recently, I reacted with a low key version of the kicking and screaming...more like fancy footwork and whispering my truth into attentive ears. Turns out my truth differs from yours...and today you lost your patience with me...forcing the issue. I was pretty angry with you. You were certainly scary despite how kind and gentle you presented. There was even laughter. Laughter. Clever, Change. Sneaky, actually. Diabolical, even. At one point, I felt like you won...and tears of defeat welled up in my eyes. I continued balking.

Then I remembered how not too long ago, I tempted your bedmate, Fate. I remembered stating out loud that this Change was coming. I remembered claiming it. Proudly. With conviction. It appears that I have manifested this, and you're not to blame at all, Change.

This is my apology...my acceptance...my gratitude.

Tomorrow, the celebration.



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