Thursday, January 15, 2015

Inhabit Unihibitedly

This past year was all it was meant to be. It felt earned. The way things flowed from foot stomping grabbing the bull by the horns through all the phases until this past year when I sat still in peace.

2010 was Carpe Diem and Moxie

2011 was Possibility and Brilliance

2012 was Trust

2013 was Imagine and Allow

2014 brought Quiescent and Sanguine, Quiescent and Crepuscular

2014 was the biggest self hug in the history of EVER. It was everything I dreamed it to be. It was a return home. Crossfit changed me one burpee at a time. Running away to remember where home island whose energy heals the spirit, a circle of women who speak love as a language my heart could instantly translate, backroads of rural Montana where I was thrilled to get to know the man my son has becoming, falling into a sibling puzzle like we each were missing a piece until then. Then there was the training...a return to the sensual in a group of fucking badass women who are changing the world, finding my place in a queendom, goddess training with my tribe, journey work with mountain lion...a queen in her own right. The beginning of Life Alchemy. I moved into my own space in so many ways...where I live, this body of mine, my spirit, a business of my own, my tribe. A universe that I will inhabit uninhibitedly.