Sunday, January 10, 2016

2016, I own you...

So, I lit my incense, gathered my favorite pen and colored pencils and laid out a fuzzy blanket. Ginger beer in hand, I sat down and spread out my last few year's declarations...with this year's blank worksheet in front of me. Coming out of "inhabit unihibitedly" for 2015, it seemed obvious that this year would be something along the lines of DO, BE, YES!

But...but. It wasn't working. I played with accept and allow and flow and ease. I fel in love with enthusiasm...but it didn't click in my soul. I meditated. I free wrote. I journaled all the prompts AGAIN. I made up words. I had a fire and burned the previous years' declarations, releasing the past so the future had room. I waved a feather through the incense and breathed deeply.


In frustration, I threw my hands up and declared FUCK IT!

...and I knew. In that moment, I knew.

2016 is the year of fuck it.

I feel free.

(I've had to explain that, in my world, it's a deeply positive declaration that rolls up do, be, accept, allow, flow, ease and all the words that remove all the obstacles. It's a defiant yes when all the odds are stacked to the contrary. It's an embrace and a kiss on the lips when previously there would have been a decorous or polite distance. It's the biggest YES when before there would have been reasons, excuses or noncommittal maybes. It's frosted eye shadow after 40 and white shoes after Labor Day...high hemlines, cowboy boots and whiskey. It's making everything the big deal that it truly is...EVERYTHING! It's not acting one's age but acting one's heart and making memories with those who stick around after the embrace and the kiss on the lips. It's freedom of spirit. Fuck it! Enthusiastically!!) See the Pinterest board here.

As this year is in it's 10th day...I've been opening my heart in the most profoundly "fuck it" manner that feels like I have sprouted wings. So I'm making some. ;) What an adventure. See this developing Pinterest board here.