Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday and Beauty~full Connections

Three beauty~full things about my day today...a day off of work and obligation. A day of freedom.

~Rising before the sun, cooking for my babygirl before she headed off to her JOB...her great big JOB. Doing the mom thing that feels so nourishing to me as well as to her. Handing her a vitamin too...feeling important, knowledgeable and needed.

~Hiking with my babyboy's love. A mountain top, flowers, cows, jokes, sweat, conversation, waterfalls and open sky. A shaded picnic of beef jerky, watermelon and dark chocolate covered goji berries. I missed her as soon as she left. I bragged about it for aeons to my babyboy later and reveled in his happiness that we did this thing together.

~Wine, complaining and great conversation with my favorite witch. Safe space. Acceptance. Appreciation. Lovely.

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