Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A weekend of beauty

♥ Friday ♥ Off work one hour early...car, plane, train, ferry & taxi..back to Washington...back to amazing. Hugs and love and fun...drinking and laughing and silliness. A foot rub and an admission and a decision. Giggles and cuddles and interlopers. Sleeping and snoring and sweetness.

♥ Saturday ♥ Waking to a dancing five year old who never stopped with the singing and playing and dancing and creativity. Meals by the Mama and the Papa...breakfast in a skillet and cajun lasagna to die for. Sensitive moments and sneaking away. Our numbers dwindling but the togetherness not.

♥ Sunday ♥ Talking the morning away, a movie and an attempt to leave that was thwarted by fog. A temper tantrum. Returning. Reality. Rest.

♥ Monday ♥ Sweet forehead kisses as I said my goodbyes, a break of day ferry ride full of breathtaking beauty...train, plane and car...home to the soft sweetness of my own bed and the loving greeting of my babies. A clean house and the ability to slowly sink back into this reality.

Life is great...everywhere. Here. There. Today. Yesterday. It lends hope that tomorrow will follow and be just as amazing. Just as magical. Just as...whatever it is that it is supposed to be. Being reminded by today to keep dreaming and to keep on keeping on.

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