Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beauty. That's all. Just Beauty.

♥Embracing that sometimes I can be a beauty~full mess. Teary, snotty, wrong, unfair, anxiety~ridden and anxiety~evoking, confused, frightened, on the verge of some big truth that has me hiding my eyes while rushing in blind, in my jammies at inappropriate times, hair in my eyes and chipped nail polish...but still beauty~full in a glorious way that is uniquely me. And if you're strong, brave, forgiving and understanding enough, the mess will become a beauty~full bond between us. This I promise you.

♥Rain...with all the fun and umbrellas and tendrils stuck to my neck and face.

♥Sleeping on the couch only to wake and write about beauty. Freedom. The end of one day allowing for all the hope and promise of the one ahead.

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