Thursday, March 24, 2011

Passion, persistence and puppy!

♥Gusts and howls and pelting rain...flashes that hinted at the possibility of a loss of power...Mother Nature reminding us to be humble, to be still and quiet, to hibernate a little bit and turn inward and to each other in cozy fuzzy snuggledownness.

♥A young spunky soul in a worn body, sitting cross legged in the middle of a hospital bed completely unafraid to send her voice behind the curtain to a stranger who silently was begging for connection and she gave it without being asked and then whispered her fears and held my hand so very very tightly...and looked at me with fear, gratitude and bravery all at once.

♥Meeting a new member of our family...knowing in that first moment that life had taken a turn and things were about to get shaken up, turned upside down and that when it all settles, we'll all be better off than we were before...and we thought we were pretty awesome before so after has no choice but to be breathtaking!

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