Saturday, February 26, 2011

Yesterday's Beauty and a Bonus

♥Catching up, closeness, comfort, connection and clandestine followed by more connection.

♥Breathing, speaking my heart, soul and gut's truth in honest forthright terms after being asked for exactly that...taking that chance of giving exactly what is asked for and being repaid with respect and agreement and understanding and solution rather than finality. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. I might just pass out from all the sighing. It's not so easy to take chances...and this one came with a high price tag if I was wrong. I was led by a mentor down a path to realize that there was no "wrong" here and even a mistake would be worth the financial price tag if there would be lessons learned and community relationships deepened.

♥Family dinner night...good food, great conversation and finally getting a chance to show my wife some love. :)

Bonus: A poem that came out earlier this week...a patient who stayed with me long after the work hours were over and this poem being the only way I could convince thoughts of him to get back where they belong.


Behind a glass door
covered in tubes
a backless gown
beeping machines
and alarms.

You lift your finger
look past the mask
to see this invader
measuring your essence.

Your eyes are fixed
gaze soft
on the only familiar
comfort of home.
But TV can’t
release your mind
from the worry.

Your 87 years
play on the screen
instead of actors
You wonder
how you got here
with all of your regrets
and broken dreams.

You look at me
with your watery eyes
and pick up the pen.
You sign the form
that you think
is your only chance
at peace.

And we all wonder why.

It’s not your time.

But you disagree.
And honoring your choice
robs us of our peace
while giving you
that chance you want
at yours.

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