Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Beauty, Just Because.

♥Crying all day. Weird to say it...but beauty~full. I'm not jaded. I'm not hiding behind a wall. I'm not immune. I'm not callous. I'm not safe. I'm not going to pretend. I'm here...messy and human and vulnerable and wanting and connected and completely in love with each and every moment of each and every day with all it's greatness and terribleness and everything in between. I cried a lot today and it was cleansing. It was healing. It was bonding. It was beauty~full.

♥A canceled appointment that first irritated me then began to feel like a reprieve...a chance to think a little more...some unexpected freedom...ultimately a gift.

♥A fellow curly haired fair skinned freckled red head with a great smile who always knows just how to bring her understated humor into a professional situation and ALWAYS has good news for me. There is a $3000 check in my possession right now and THE PERFECT vehicle for my babygirl out there waiting for us to find it. Let the adventure begin.

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