Saturday, February 26, 2011

Amazing what a clean garage can do...

The weatherman said there was a great big storm coming on Friday. The superintendent called with a canned message about possible school closures. I brought in the plants and battened down the hatches. I wore boots...a hat AND a scarf.

There was rain. It was cold. Flurries of snow danced onto my windshield and melted immediately. It hailed. The clouds parted and there was sunshine intermittently throughout the day.

I had created a to do list for the weekend that was weather appropriate. Lots of indoorsy chores and quiet time.

Instead, today was beauty~full. I wore a strapless dress and put the top down on the convertible. Sure, I blasted the heat...but the sun was shining on my shoulders nonetheless and I wore my biggest sunglasses in it's honor. I cleaned the garage and walked the dog down by the river. I basked and I absorbed the energy from the winter sun on a day predicted to be gloomy.

I had butterflies in my belly all day today. I felt that little anxious anticipation that puts a twinkle in the eye and a sass in the step. It was like an entire day on the verge of falling in love. I smiled a lot and batted my eyelashes at nothing more interesting than the shop vac or the endless containers I used to organize various garage stuff. I wasn't quite sure what was going on...but tonight as I sat here prepared to write out my Three Beauty~full Things, I realized that today I wasn't just on the verge of falling in love all day long. I actually DID fall in love today...all day.

I fell in love with the unexpected gift of sunshine. I fell in love with cleaning, clearing, discarding, organizing, changing, taking back that space and feeling productive. I fell in love with my couch and a movie that made me cry inexplicably. I fell in love with reflecting on this past week with all of it's challenges and successes and possibility. I fell in love with my recklessness...the apologies I had to make for some of it, the apologies I probably should make and never will and the absolute lack of apology for the parts that I am completely totally unabashedly in love Love LOVE with. I fell in love with the memories of camping that came from stacking all of the equipment. I fell in love with projects that I resumed today, revisited and reworked...projects that will be so amazing once completed and today I fell in love with that vision of completion in a way that is motivating me to stay focused. I fell in love with this life over and over again today. Belly full of butterflies kind of "in love."


All because the weatherman was incorrect.

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