Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Many Splendored Thing

I was asked today what I think love is.

I don't think you can think love is anything.

Love is a moment where everything makes sense. Love is when one single soul is connected to another for a span of time, seconds...or lifetimes if you're lucky...and that connection allows stars and peace and rightness to radiate out of every pore of your body. Love is when funky smells radiate out of those same pores and it's still okay. Love is when you can stand there with your eyes closed and feel the world rotating and revolving and you know that there is another person on the face of the planet who will smile watching you do it because it's something only you would do and get so much joy out of. Love is mischief and excitement and risk in a big sumo wrestler suit so that when it inevitably ends up knocked down, there is enough padding that it can land softly and roll around until there's a curb to climb up on and get upright again. Love is a glance and wink that goes over everyone else's heads. Love is the snort in a really good laugh. Love is that split second when anger dissipates and being right isn't important at all anymore. Love is tender torture...knowing the experience is worth the seven levels of hell you would be dragged through if it went away. Love is knowing that even if it fades or dies or leaves, possession isn't necessary for that feeling to live forever. Love can't be thought about or intellectualized or explained in letters that make words. Love is snippets and moments and happenings and coincidences and stillness and knowing. Love is believing the best and the worst about someone and having both make them more human and dear and deserving. Love is red rainboots...smiles on gloomy days are unavoidable when red rainboots are involved. Love is red rainboots dancing in mudpuddles...not noticing the mud...only knowing the joy of dancing. That's what love is.

One of my favorite lines from the movie Playing By Heart:

"Talking about love is like dancing about architecture." ~Joan

Three Beauty~full Things about love today...

♥Being heard...a snippet given, my hair played with, a compromise, a twinkle, an attempt under questionable circumstances, quiet time together, quiet time alone, a lap suitable for curling up on even though I'm a grown-up, being driven instead of having to drive, conversation and laughter and smiles.

♥An absent-minded "I love you" on the phone to someone I think it about often but say infrequently and it being automatically reciprocated.

♥My babies...growing and learning to give without being asked. ~sigh~ My best work EVER.

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