Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day Seventeen of Beauty

♥Doing it on repeat, the tough rough truthy words in simple terms...laying it out there to be seen in all it's raw genuine bare beauty...to be seen if the seer is blessed with vision. Time will tell.

♥An entire day locked up with my work wife...for better or worse, baby! Knowing that love is about all the different mental and emotional places and trying to dole out extra portions of love Love LOVE when it seems needed.

♥VH1 Best Cruise Ever...reserved and booked and arranged and...and...and!!!

And a Tuesday extra...

♥Listed last because if I listed it first, I'd have to stop right there...there's nothing more to add after the gravy is on the potatoes or the icing is on the cake...right? These words..."I really fuckin miss you right now." ~sigh~

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