Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day Twenty Nine of Beauty

♥So little sleep that delirium set in and everything was either funny or so funny that it made me cry. Even when I fell in front of a cute guy, skinning my knee and ripping my favorite jeans. Being able to laugh was beauty~full...and if I hadn't been so tired, I would have been more embarrassed than entranced by my own special brand of grace~full~ness.

♥Thinking no but doing yes and having an obligation turn into magic. Fearless. Magic inducing fear~less~ness.

♥Living in this place for 20 years and always wondering how far the trail finding out that the answer is 5.5 miles each direction, 11 miles round trip. Taking that trail from one beauty~full place to another...a place I didn't even know you could walk to...a place that is even more majestic when looking up at it instead of across or down. A trail that is not visible from a road I take on a regular basis and now will change the way I view that passing landscape when I drive it. Today I hiked from the green bridge by the fish hatchery to the base of the spillway on the dam. I didn't even know it was possible or so completely lovely. Also sharing that experience with a kind soul with whom conversation is a joy.

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