Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ick, reversed.

Yesterday, I...

¿had a collision while driving, my mustang vs. bike rider on meth (HE hit ME and begged me to not call the cops, between threats of throwing his bike at me and calling ME a crazy bitch).

¿lost two hens to a chicken hawk and have one remaining, very traumatized, hen left.

¿was bitten by a little dog, hard...on the arm for trying to stop her fight with the other little dog.

BUT! I also...

♥got to see my mermaid soul sister...catch up & smile.

♥was bestowed generous gifts that I then paid forward.

♥sat and created for hours...know what all my peeps are getting for Christmas this year! ;)

1 comment:

  1. i hope you forgive me for laughing! you are right, you didnt tell me about the tweaker crash!! you crazy bitch! instead of a bike, i am throwing love, crazy love at you!!! ♥

    how is minny penny chicken henny today? is she any better? she needs a healing :)

    oh my goodness, little dog bits, bite!! he really didnt mean to hurt you though... i know this because you radiate animal love. animal magnitisim maybe? ;)

    sigh and ahhh
    i love that i got to see my m.s.s too!! do i ever love you! i miss you super much! an hour was definitely NOT enough time.

    thank you for allowing me to be a part (even if just a small part) of each of your beautiful things. maybe not a part but at least i knew about them :) hehehhee!!!

    im inspired, i have to blog!♥