Wednesday, June 16, 2010

39 by 40

For nine years I have done my "Birthday List" in secret, tucked away in a journal, written in rainbow ink or on a candy wrapper...put together in pieces as inspiration strikes or adventure calls. This year, these things are calling for company. This year I want to laugh and dance my way through the list with my lovelies. This year I want to make memories and share veer off on spontaneous adventures not listed below and revel in the beauty of it all...together!

My list 39 things to do by the time I turn 40, one year from today...

39. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. *
38. Do a Free Hugs Day *
37. Get my passport *
36. Learn to play poker *
35. Mad Hatter Tea Party *
34. Read a classic *
33. Try Bikram Yoga *
32. Learn to play one song on the guitar *
31. Visit Seattle, tourist style *
30. Finish thesis *
29. Do the graduate walk complete with hood *
28. Build a pergola on the back patio and plant wisteria
27. Start Lifecoach training
26. Read up on Autism
25. Go on a photo adventure
24. Drive a lotus
23. Paint a lotus
22. Go to a concert
21. Go to an Irish wedding and/or Ireland
20. Visit the lavender farm and buy plants
19. Do Bidwell Park's guided owl hike
18. Photo session (dreaming of Boho Girl)
17. Have family portraits done
16. Go on a helicopter ride
15. Buy a superhero necklace...Joy
14. Keep up with writing to Shaleen
13. Get that snail tattoo
12. Spend a day alone at the beach
11. Take a road trip with my babygirl
10. Spend a day in bed watching old movies
9. Visit glass beach with my lovely mermaid soul sister (tj i ♥ you)
8. Camp at Fall River
7. Take a road trip to a small town and find its amazing~ness
6. Bubble bath in a clawfoot tub
5. Keep the garden going year round
4. Spend a night in the highest treehouse in Cave Junction
3. Visit the Dread Goddess
2. Live it up on Halloween
1. Learn to use that dehydrator

Any takers?

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