Monday, January 17, 2011

Day Two of Beauty

♥Of my many traditional/untraditional roles, I am divorced, a single girl, a husband, a work wife and also affianced to another. I'm a mother of two and father of twins. I'm versatile and not confused in the least. It's beauty~full to be able to fill a role that needs filling.

♥Hugs. They simply can't be listed often enough as a beauty~full thing. Today there was a happy hug, a sad hug, a lingering hug, a hug where I drew a smile on her back during it, a sideways half hug, a hold~me~longer hug full of please let everything be okayness, a quick hug, a long distance hug, too many hugs in my heart to count and a hand hug that lasted 90ish minutes. That's a lot of hugging in just one day.

♥Saying aloud the worst thing I've done to the one person who I can handle judgment from the least, knowing I have to look him in the eye every day and expect professional as well as personal trust and belief from...and to know in my heart when he said "it's okay" that it really was. It really is. It really will be, always.

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