Friday, January 28, 2011

Day Thirteen of Beauty

♥Blizzard pics sent by my namesake...shrinking the distance a little bit and making me feel part of where they are right now.

♥Reminders...the hard ones even had beauty in them.

♥Putting out into the universe the belief that my needs will be met and it happening. Day 13 of beauty was not unlucky at all!

That last item is so powerful. I completed my Masters Program work a couple of years ago but have left the completion of my thesis just hanging out undone "do" on my "to do" list. I've moved it two years in a row and have set my mind on finishing it this year. I've been motivated and done a LOT of the legwork...each small success making the completion feel so much closer and possible. Late last week I hit a HUGE stumbling block that I was unable to find my way around or over or under and certainly couldn't obliterate it completely. I started to believe that it simply wasn't an obstacle that could easily be managed...and it may actually be enough to stop me in my tracks. I started wondering if I even needed to bother with this damn thesis. I have a great job that treats me as if I had actually gotten the diploma that comes with the thesis completion. Luckily my support system wouldn't let me surrender to that kind of thinking. Instead I surrendered to belief that it would work out and I started acting like it already had, actually. I put forth the effort to do a little asking...just a little...just to get the energy moving. Only yesterday, I planted a seed here and posed a hypothetical there and directly asked for what I needed in one more place today. It worked. The answer was yes. Just like that. Yes. No convincing needed. No explanations or promises. Not only a yes but a yes with promises made to go along with it. I sit here tonight completely humbled, tickled, honored and convinced that belief is one of the most powerful tools we have...and it's so conveniently located tucked into the corner of our heart at all times...all we have to do is use it. My thesis will be completed November 2011. This year.

And a PS. one more beauty~full thing:

♥Being presented with my 15 year pin at work with it's pretty little emerald.

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