Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day Eight of Beauty

♥The rhythm of this day...wake too early, fall in love a couple of times over, fall back asleep, wake to an offer I refused to refuse, go the distance in the convertible from sun to fog and back to sun again after a hike at the river to a beauty~full waterfall with a lovely and her twin progeny, slowing down for ♥ on the levee before an evening with a house FULL of lovelies where the energy was brilliant and beauty~full...marinading in it before coming home to share...where my own personal lovelies were waiting for me. It was a re~set rhythm of loveliness that this day had.

♥Taco salad...reminding me of good times with good loves. Taco salad~ed out but still smiling about the times and the loves.

♥Leggings and sheepskin lined boots, flowers in my hair and a twirly dress. There really aren't words adequate enough to describe how feminine I feel at times like these...twirly times.

Yuba River hike

Mini Niagra Falls

♥ on the levee

Warm fuzzy, twirly~ness

Trifecta Effecta Perfecta

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