Friday, January 1, 2010

2010: Carpe Diem and Moxie

2009 wasn't the easiest year.

Saying goodbye to 2009 felt good. It left the door wide open to saying hello to possibility.

2009 was no friend of mine. 2009 was a thorough teacher with tons and tons of lessons...a stern counselor who shines the light into all the emotional hidey holes...and even a wise but crotchety neighbor who bakes you sweets but doles out harsh, heartbreaking realities in a no frills tone at the same time. 2009 was those things for sure, but it was no friend. 2009 was devoid of those friend-ly moments where you feel like you're wrapped up in a great big hug, getting patted on the back for a job well done or invited in for a cup of cocoa on a comfy couch. 2009 was all harshness and fend-for-yourself-ness. 2009 was about living life like a chess game; staying four moves ahead to avoid being overcome. 2009 was struggles and races and climbing with no water breaks, manicures or pedicures. 2009 justified a sotto voce "bitch" as it sauntered out.

2009 caught me by surprise and left me no choice but to constantly scramble for solid footing.

2010 doesn't have that advantage. 2010 doesn't want it. 2010 feels warm and fuzzy already. I can't help but be grateful for the grit and moxie 2009 instilled that will help me appreciate and allow all the good things 2010 has to offer.

2010 is going to be ALL about hugs, cocoa and couches. 2010 is going to be about motion, connectedness and possibility. 2010 is going to be full of seizing the day and realizing the potential beauty all around.

Welcome, 2010. Let's do this, love.

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