Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Possibility, prosperity, celebration and CELEBRATION!

♥Random mystery text messages that turned into flirting...yay for FLIRTING!

♥Unexpected money. ALWAYS nice.

♥Dinner...sangria, new friends, old friends, discovered friendships, reminiscing and laughing and rejoicing.

And a fourth beauty-full thing today...separated by this sentence to avoid contaminating the above innocent beauty with the ick beauty of the following...

♥Struggling with wanting to reach out to SSDG (same shit different girl) but sighing and realizing that the beauty here is that my reality doesn't include SS any more and my reaching out is not only unnecessary but also futile and uninvited...and my own life deserves all of my energy without plugging in to outlets that simply drain without return. Bittersweet beauty-full. BEAUTY-FULL!!!

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