Thursday, January 14, 2010

January is am I

I'm normally great at organizing my thoughts and making some sense of connection, practical application or meaning. Normally. Today I'm very far from that normal. Today I am jumbled up and randomly expressive. Here goes...

This week, I...

fell down. twice.

ate too much sushi.

emailed some truths.

emailed some fun.

flirted via text. plural like.

missed my momma...then drove to the airport to get her.

watched an entire season of a TV show on has TARA in the title!



acquired something illegally.

acquired something illegal.

dreamed of Seattle.

planned for Seattle.

quieted my mind.

stretched my body.

asked for what I needed.

made a promise.

wrote a poem.

listened to break up songs and realized there's no heartbreak left. whew!

raided a cherished friend's wardrobe.

forgave for no reason.

refused to forgive for good reason.

reached out here.

shut down there.

cried for sad and cried for glad.

cleaned, decluttered and donated.

finished an entire "to do" list.

accepted certain realities.

dreamed a brand new, bigger and better dream just for dreams' sake.

repaired a piece of furniture.

made kick ass own recipe!

got a package in the mail.

slept like a baby.

wished you were here.

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