Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yes! to carrots

Last night I went to Walgreens. Not feeling super great but there were some things I couldn't wait any longer to get...like toilet paper. I decided to buy a new face cleanser and spent some time perusing the enormous selection. After I FINALLY pick one, I turn around and there is a display of all the boxed sets for 50% off...including several of my rejected choices. Square one. The one I finally decide on doesn't have a price. It does, however, have a little announcement that it is a $30 value...so when the clerk grudgingly did a price check for me and the amount was $19.99 it stood to reason that was the full price. The clerk did not understand my reasoning. It's scanning $19.99, the cost is $19.99. Didn't want to check the rack, the sign, the location, nothing. After a deep breath and a smile, I asked if there was someone who could help me because this item is very blatantly on a 50% off rack and very obviously not ringing up 50% off. Two customers later and he still hadn't called anyone to check it out for me. When I again requested that he send someone to help me, he rolled his eyes. Put his hands on the counter and after an exasperated "Why" on a great big exhale rolled his eyes again. Again. I would like to state that until that point and even a little past I was super kind and patient. I get that retail is tough. I get that it is even tougher during the holidays. I get that it is even tougher than tough after the holiday when people are doing returns, etc. I was there at one point and I know how it feels to be on the other side of the counter. I don't, however, know how it feels to be rude to a customer on purpose and roll my eyes right at them while they watch.

Then there's this...

I'm Sicilian. Red-headed. Gemini. And some punk just rolled his eyes at me.

But I held it in check long enough to laugh it off. He rolled his eyes...that big tough Meanie McMeanerson.

Roll away.

Watch this.

There were words, there were clenched teeth and phony smiles. There were explanations and there might have been veiled threats. There was a manager, there were three extra keystrokes that equaled a justified 50% discount. Nyah. Nyah.

I got home, used the whole routine of products that I just got for $9.99 and LOVED it. Not only did I love the product, I loved the $5 off coupon inside.

Oh, yes. I did the unthinkable. I went back. I jumped through the same hoops...with much less pomp and circumstance this time around. I used the coupon and got the next three for $4.99 each...and I had to buy them one at a time so I could pull the coupon out of each one to use on the next. It was comical. It took everything I had to not be smug and toss back the attitude. I'm proud that I took the high road paved with grace, dignity and kindness.

But then I wrote this blog.

and ~Nyah. Nyah.~ is hovering unuttered on the tip of my tongue. Again.

Cause I have four of these now...

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  1. Next time I'm out there I'll kick his ass for you. ;)