Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lather, rinse, steps.

I have been invited today to the home of a dear friend. A dear friend who is off with her love, dancing in eternity. It is an invitation issued in loving kindness and generosity and I'm dragging my feet this morning. I miss her terribly but I smile when I think of thoughts have created her smiling, angelic and gossamer. Today I will be surrounded by so many physical reminders of her...some of which will come home with me. I'm a little afraid of this reality. My thoughts are so much kinder.

I came on here looking for distraction, for somewhere to be where this reality is so far away. Instead I'm here writing about it. Mainly because just when I thought I couldn't do this Herculean task today, my inbox disagreed with me.

The Universe sent this:

I understand, Tara, that you must wonder, sometimes to the point of bewilderment, at what you're truly capable of doing. Yet, therein lies the "problem," because living the life of your dreams is far more about what I'm capable of doing.

Surrender -

The Universe

PS. Tara, all I need from you is a vision, followed by an unending march of little, tiny baby steps in its direction

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