Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Quiescent and Sanguine AKA Crepuscular and Chrysalis

I fell a little more in love with this progression than I did last year. Poetic...from screaming and demanding to a place of rest and introspection...solitude and quiet confidence....determination and resolve. Impending change. Beauty.

2010 was Carpe Diem and Moxie

2011 was Possibility and Brilliance

2012 was Trust

2013 was Imagine and Allow

2014 brings Quiescent and Sanguine.

This coming year, I have things to do. Concentration required. Steadfast determination and single minded resolution. My nest is empty. My life is unrecognizable to me but looks remarkably the same to anyone who would care to look. There are adventures and changes looming on the horizon but for now, there are things that need to evolve in their own space and time. Without rush or expectation. Without agenda. It's an odd feeling...to feel aimless and anchored simultaneously. Turning inward, being still and quiet just feels right.

I started searching for my word and immediately thought of Gloaming...that magical time of day when everything has a cast of supernatural magical amazingness. Twilight. Dusk. Crepuscular. These words spoke to me. I imagined purple and orange skies giving way to inky glittering star filled nights. Fog. Mystery. I thought of Fall and how the earth goes dormant, all signs of life seeming absent but so much going on beneath the eye's sight...how the earth is warm to the touch despite how it looks. I thought of butterflies in chrysalis form, that soul soup of enzymes bearing no resemblance to the beauty that will eventually emerge. I toyed with Crepuscular and Chrysalis. I liked those words but I wanted them to go deeper...into silence and stillness. Tranquil. I wanted serenity spiced with optimism and hope. A strong communication of the confidence that comes from the knowing that Fall always gives way to the newness of Spring. I'm embracing twilight and dusk and protected mystery.

It takes all four words.

Trust me.

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