Thursday, May 17, 2012

Where I Worship. Amen.

A friend posted this on facebook this morning. I smiled and in my heart there was a resounding YES!!!

I have a story to share. Not too long ago, during an interminable wait, a lovely lady asked if I had any questions about this new community I had relocated to. As a matter of fact, I did. Where can I take my recycling? I can't seem to find a center...

Two other women working behind me whispered something and then went "Mmm hmmmm...told ya, she's one of THEM." Being the shy wall flower that I am, I turned and asked if it was ME who is one of THEM. The more vocal of the two said "Well, you ARE new to town, right?" I nodded. She continued "Where will you be going to worship?" I politely said that I hadn't quite decided yet and she dropped this: "'re new to town and that nice lady there asks if you have any questions about the community and you don't ask about services or where ta go to ask about re-sigh-c'lin."

I could feel myself getting ready to argue with her. I paused. Breathed. She WAS right, actually. I quickly asked myself why this was the case and I responded kindly "You're exactly right (I wanted to say sweetheart but breathed through that urge too). But you see, I carry my God with me everywhere I go. My life is my worship. Taking care of his planet, however, actually takes effort."

I haven't found where to take my recycling yet. I haven't needed to. I serendipitously met a man who takes it all for me and can use the proceeds much more than I ever could. That's my worship...fellowship...connection.


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