Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day Seventeen of Beauty...girls, girls, girls!

♥An impromptu shopping trip with babygirl for a graduation dress...finding the perfect one...and me finding four great bras in my new size on clearance...and they are sexxxxxxxy!

♥A text "where are you" by a person who could only be asking because her Washington residing ass was somewhere in the vicinity...WOOT! Dinner and wine type conversation with my lovely and her infamous parents in the even more infamous casa. Good times...spontaneous adventures and great conversation.

♥That small moment when the smallness that lives inside...buried under propriety and maturity is allowed to rear it's ugly small head. I may not be the princess, this might not be a fairy tale, I might not be the one you sweep off her feet and lead her up the stairwell...but isn't that bitch's tiara quite crooked now?!? Shut up, it was beauty~full before I realized how ugly it actually is. Propriety and maturity are back but I will not forget the scandalous spot of "nyeh, nyeh" and how it made me smile wickedly for a brief moment in time.

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