Friday, May 13, 2011

Whoa~What The Hell

♥A good work day that ended early...jump starting the weekend state of mind.

♥The nice kind of quiet...where you know everyone who's not there is exactly where they need to be at that moment.

♥My babygirl is almost 18. She is morphing into her own boss and is confident relying on her own conscience. This requires me to morph into not being as necessary as before. Today I heard a song by a totally uncool female singer but the lyrics made me think of my babygirl and smile. I played it for her and I couldn't gauge her reaction or opinion. That was hours ago. As I sit here now, she's in the middle of her pre-Friday night beautification process and I'm hearing that totally uncool female singer belting out those familiar lyrics...and my babygirl singing along. Sometimes I do some things right...sometimes the connection just happens, just works, just IS. Such a small thing but I'm smiling ear to ear.

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