Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why I should have never started watching TV series...

Tonight I cried at the season finale of TWO shows.


Years and years went by where I hardly even turned on the TV...now I'm a TV crier.

First it was Weeds. Seriously, Nancy Botwin! Whose "plan c" ever involves a baby strapped to their chest, a Mexican kingpin husband who is going to kill them standing to the side with his evil henchman, with the other two sons and soul mate on board a plane to Copenhagen? What now? You're lives are running out, cat lady! I cried for her boys who are screwed with her and screwed without her. And the baby just kept joyfully kicking his feet in the snugli completely unaware...lucky baby...that rocked me. I cried just a little for this one.

It was Adam, Cathy Jamison's son from The Big C that totalled me. He's been a bit of an ass. Pretty much the poster child for this entitled, detached, spoiled, self-centered generation we are raising in this instant feedback, continual easy gratification, technologically over-communicated era of expectation and demand. Is it him or is it just how things are now? Then while his mom is in the hospital getting treatment that is probably as bad as death, he swipes her last $20 from her unattended purse in the kitchen and opens an envelope marked "don't open until I'm gone." He opens it, takes the key and heads to the mini-storage where he finds a birthday present for every year of his life. I fell apart. Seriously...AND IT'S A TV SHOW FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! But I somehow knew what he was feeling...all these THINGS representing all the years he would be without his mother. He cried and I cried and I so want her to not die. Why do I watch this stuff when I live it in my profession??? He finally felt and it renewed a small bit of hope in this generation that I'm so frustrated with lately.

Before all the crying, today had it's beauty~full moments...

♥Working with an intern, spending an exhausting morning doing orientation...all the explaining every nuance of how we do what and why with the intention of what end...realizing I know a whole lot of stuff about a lot of stuff...and even some stuff that really really matters!

♥New things...packages in the mail, contacts that make my eyes look freaking awesome, a petsitter who ROCKS, lip gloss, car battery, online bill pay, a pair of books, an enormous refrigerator and a big ole back door on order.

♥Crushed ice...love that stuff.

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