Tuesday, September 8, 2009


All things new contain a certain element of anxiety...wondering how things will go or what obstacles might arise...fearing failure or appearing inept...lack of certainty that what is around the next bend is really what you're prepared for.

Of course, there are ways to prepare...you can talk to people who have 'been there, done that' and learn from their experiences...you can research and plan and plan some more...you can opt out and change your mind or you can call for reinforcements to hold your hand.

The reality is that new is only new once. After once, you may not be an expert but the anxiety level is certainly lower and depending on how the experience went...your confidence level will be different as well.

To me the exciting thing is that life throws new opportunities in our paths all the time. Sometimes when we're ready and most of the time when we feel least prepared for them. Other times we go out of our way to seek those new experiences out with determination.

Today I sought out this forum. I sought out connection and communication and community. I'm anxious and scared and nervous...and hope-full and joy-full and so ready to take a chance, take a leap and hope for a tribe of lovelies that will seek connection as well.

Lovelies, are you out there?

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