Thursday, October 21, 2010

To Do:

I've been writing lists
Keeping track
but never keeping score
of anything for anyone
at least not that I'll admit...
lists that limit and lists that organize
musts and hopes and needs and more.

I've got
Lists that remind
lists that tell stories
and lists that tell lies
about a life
with no distinguishable reason or rhyme.

I'm so tired of these lists.
Tired of maintaining
a farce of pretense, subterfuge and resiliency
all part of being this grown-up
who has got all the answers like
bright colored balloons
tied up in a ribbons of capability.

I wanna let go
and let the answers fly free
far away and not worry
about how those bits of
latex, truth and lies
affect the balance of nature
the endangered birds or the killer bees.

They affect MY balance
and sometimes
it has to be about
an individual
this individual, alone
and a screw-up for nature
can be a right-on for nurturing
a single soul.

~Tara Jane Watkins, flu induced poetry 10/21/10

1 comment:

  1. sometimes the flu and the in-flu-ential meds slow us down a bit to see whats really happening in out and around us. i think this is beautiful!
    just be.... let life be. you are in control of how fast these thoughts and your world spin... you are where you are suppose to be and you are perfect in this moment.. in every moment♥